Submitted to UE4 Markteplace and Sellfy!

The FPS Battle Royale Template for UE4 has been submitted to the marketplace for review and has been uploaded for sale at Gumroad and Sellfy.


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FPS Battle Royale Demonstration Video

Incoming UE4 Marketplace Content

Currently, work is finishing up on our new UE4 Marketplace product: FPS Battle Royale Template. This product will be a template, stand-alone project Unreal Engine 4 developers can use to get their Battle Royale type game off the ground. Here are a list of features for the template:

  • 100% Blueprints
  • Stand-Alone Template
  • Full Multiplayer (no single player)
  • Gamesparks Connect
  • Username with Password Login / Registration system
  • Matchmaking
  • First Person Gameplay
  • Third Person Mesh for Other Players
  • Weapons with Separate Ammo Types
  • Starter Animations
  • Pickup Items
  • Spawning Pickup Items using Random Seed from Gamesparks
  • Inventory System – Simple 2 Weapon, Ammo, and Bandages
  • No Inventory Screen to Promote Fast Gameplay
  • Line Trace for Shooting
  • Healing System
  • Damage System
  • Kill Notifications
  • Kill Counter
  • Level Streaming – Login, Loading, Lobby, Arena

More information will be released in the following days including price and date of availability, as well as videos demonstrating how the template works, and how developers can customize it to fit their needs.

Stay Tuned!