More and More Setup

Created a quick logo last night with my poor programmer art skills.  Twitter is setup, might also create separate Facebook account, trying to figure out what more social media I need.  Probably a Google account in order to post videos separately from my personal account.

Development of the product is nearing completion.  Only a few more items need to be added, mainly buttons for navigation like exiting the game from the login and lobby screens, just logging out from the lobby screen as well as a pause menu for returning to lobby or exiting the game completely.

I might save changing the static player count to dynamic in the future, for instance minimum players to start match is 3 and players can join for the first 50 seconds up to 10 total players.  It might delay the release if I find myself stuck if something comes up with adding the drop-in/drop-out feature considering just getting the disconnect message working was difficult.

Currently have a list of all items needed for UE4 marketplace submission from their guidelines page.  I’ll have to reread that reddit thread about getting the most out of setting up a submission as it made many good points.  Of course the main item that I’ll need to pay close attention to is the actual thumbnail of the product for the marketplace itself.  This is the first thing people see.  Should it just be words and a logo, or should it have a gameplay screenshot?

To be continued…